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Protect what’s precious

Rescue and protect children from online sexual abuse

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Contributes to undercover investigation operations that help detect perpetrators and rescue survivors.


Help fund a lawyer’s salary to ensure victims have the strongest possible legal representation.


Provides six hours of trauma therapy to help survivors overcome fear, anger and shame.

Aaron* was just two years old when he was rescued from an unthinkable crime in Cebu, Philippines.

Aaron was sexually abused by his own father, selling footage and images online. The very person that was meant to protect Aaron was the one profiting from his abuse.

Your help rescues children like Aaron.

It takes many people to make a rescue happen. Your support gathers evidence, launches investigations, coordinates rescue operations, and arrests perpetrators.

After many months and a global effort between Australian Federal Police, global authorities and police, Aaron was rescued.

He still had many nightmares for months after he was rescued. He would often cry out “momo” (monster). Little by little, with therapy, I’ve seen him come alive again. His joy and laughter has finally been restored.

- Lucille, Director of IJM Cebu Philippines

Online sexual abuse of children is a growing darkness



The youngest victim rescued was only 6 months old



at any given moment



From online exploitation since 2011

This is a hard subject to talk about. It’s natural and right to feel outrage in response. We must move from anger and sadness to hope and action.

Your donation will change the trajectory of slavery in the Philippines and around the world. Thank you for your ongoing support of IJM’s mission and your heart for children like Aaron. Until all are free.

- Steve Baird, CEO IJM Australia

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