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2020 Staff Highlights

It’s been an unpredictable and challenging year – but also a rewarding one for the IJM team around the world and locally. Here are some highlights from IJM Australia staff members.

Steve – CEO

I like the story of Raja, how he was so diligent and loyal to his parents. Even though it was that diligence that led to him being enslaved, after being rescued, Raja used that same diligence to become a lawyer and break the cycle of injustice. I love that his son now has become an agent of justice as well – he noticed kids at a water facility were showing signs of being in slavery and told his father, which led to their rescue.

James – Lead, Information Technology

Exciting new opportunities to scale our infrastructure to support the momentum we are building among Australians to end slavery and violence against people who are poor.

O-Tung – Director of Partnerships

My 2020 highlight was joining IJM. No further explanation needed.

Jenny – Staff Chaplain

Experiencing the resilience and hopefulness of our team members through a very challenging and deeply unpredictable year because they each bring such wonderful strengths as we work together to end slavery and violence against people who are poor.

Jacob – Chief Operating Officer

I loved seeing supporters and partners of IJM Australia connected together virtually because prior to the pandemic, those opportunities were few and far between. It really reflected the nationwide community of partners who are committed to protecting the poor from violence!

Esmarie – Coordinator, Office & Administration and Executive Assistant

Getting daily updates from other IJM offices/regions because it is a constant reminder that the fight to end slavery never stops and is fought in all its complexity by IJM and partners across the globe.

Dave – Senior Manager, Church Partnerships

2020 has been a very difficult year on so many fronts. Many churches have been unable to meet and worship. People getting together as Christian community, as well as the freedom to praise God with communal singing has not been possible in many places. Even so, churches all around the country have shown incredible resilience, finding new expressions of community and new ways to connect with wider audiences. So, even in times of challenge, God is still seen to be powerfully at work, and His people are still passionate powerful partners in hearing those who are calling out for rescue.

Hsu-Ann – Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

Getting to share Kashi’s survivor story because it was exciting to connect our supporters with IJM’s work through an illustrated book, an animated video and beautiful gifts handmade by Kashi herself!

Natalie – Strategic Partnerships Manager

Connecting our colleagues across the world during prayer, conferences or meetings who, despite local lockdowns, continue to work diligently to serve those who are oppressed or enslaved. This gave me great confidence that the work of justice and freedom won’t be stopped by a global pandemic!

Simcha – Director, People Strategy & Operations

Seeing the resilience of our colleagues in the field, continuing to fight to rescue those trapped in slavery even in the midst of all the challenges of Covid.

Dharshi – Strategic Partnerships Manager

Joining the amazing team here at IJM Australia because I get to learn from such dedicated, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable people whilst doing this amazing work!

Kaitlyn – Senior Coordinator, Supporter Engagement

Starting with the incredible IJM Australia team and hearing the stories of many survivors because they have both challenged and inspired me to work harder towards the goal of ending slavery and violence around the world.

Trevor – Senior Lead, Finance & Compliance

The IJM highlight of 2020 for me was the Benefit Dinner where the hard topic of child exploitation and slavery was sensitively presented to supporters in such a creative way.

The overall mood of the night was positive and encouraging allowing each person to be part of a larger vision to protect those that are poor from violence.   

[The team photo above was taken at this year’s Benefit Dinner]

Bianca – Chief Marketing & Partnerships Officer

Working with the global project team to support, empower and launch the incredible group of survivors that make up the Global Survivor Network, because these are the voices that the world needs to listen to in order to truly make change for those who are vulnerable. They are the survivors with insight, brilliance and strategy to know how to combat this evil. They are worth listening to.

[More on this in 2021!]

Hiroko – Senior Associate, Advocacy Research

The video about David, a survivor of police brutality whose experience inspired him to become a lawyer and advocate for justice for vulnerable communities, because his story is so inspiring and gives me such hope.

See who’s on the team here.

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