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Ending the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Bangladesh


In this collaborative initiative from the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), IJM is helping build a comprehensive, scalable, portable model to mobilize governments, communities, and survivors to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in Bangladesh.


Children are exploited and abused with impunity in Bangladesh

The commercial sexual exploitation of children in Bangladesh is occurring across the nation in brothels, hotels, and private homes. IJM’s initial investigations quickly revealed children are trapped in vicious cycles of abuse, sometimes for

decades, with no hope that anyone will help them experience a life of freedom and healing.


Measurement and partnership for program implementation

In collaboration with IJM, The Freedom Fund, and Survivor Alliance, UBS is funding a rigorous and comprehensive initiative to transform the public justice system response to commercial sexual exploitation of children in Bangladesh. This collaborative program will include rescuing and protecting individual survivors and broadly equipping the government to own responsibility for eliminating CSEC entirely from the country.

This process begins with intensive baseline research and investigative work to determine the actual prevalence of the crime, as well as identifying local partner organizations to help implement programs on the ground.

Through the UBS partnership, IJM can set up a presence in Bangladesh and begin building the capacity of police and judicial systems to identify cases of CSEC and hold criminals accountable. All these efforts are informed by the actual needs of survivors and are focused on ending impunity for those who exploit vulnerable people.

Project Progress

The Bangladesh Government has demonstrated willingness and interest, at the highest levels of political leadership, to address trafficking in the country. After establishing a presence and conducting the baseline survey, IJM’s interventions will deliver a comprehensive, scalable, and portable model that can be taken to other countries and replicated across the region.

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