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IJM Australia’s response to the Federal Budget 2018

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Written by IJM
Posted on 21 May 2018 under Media Releases, Recent posts, Stories of system change.

17 May 2018

IJM Australia welcomes the measures in the Australian Government Budget 2018 that are aimed at addressing the online sexual exploitation of children and modern slavery in supply chains. We are particularly encouraged to see the Government’s recognition of the need to address the online exploitation of children.

The $68.6 million funding over four years for the new Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) will enhance interagency cooperation and the resourcing of the complex investigative operations that are required to disrupt criminal child exploitation networks and identify victims, particularly those overseas.

This is a timely and necessary initiative that will help to stem the rising tide of child exploitation material being created and shared by criminal networks.

In 2017, Taskforce Argos of the Queensland Police said, ‘We are also seeing more images generated from live cams and live-streaming. There are dedicated sections on forums explaining how to access children online and there are people who specialise in videoing victims.’ As criminals are becoming more sophisticated and determined in their exploitation of children, it is heartening to see the Government dedicating significant resources to expand and develop the measures used to disrupt this crime.

Many of IJM’s operations with the Philippines National Police into cybersex trafficking have been the result of tip-offs from the Australian Federal Police and other overseas law enforcement agencies. These operations result in child victims being rescued and those perpetrating the abuse in the Philippines being arrested and prosecuted. We are thrilled to see the Government directing well-targeted resources to this urgent and complex issue.

We are hopeful that the Government’s commitment of $3.6 million over four years towards the implementation of a Modern Slavery Reporting Requirement will greatly improve the transparency of the supply chains of Australian businesses. We believe increased transparency will result in greater efforts by businesses to implement due diligence in their supply chains with respect to modern slavery, and we hope that the Government will make an unreserved commitment to closely monitor business compliance with the Reporting Requirement. We believe that the Government should consider increasing this funding to facilitate greater engagement of business with government and civil society to take active steps to identify and eradicate slavery in supply chains.

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