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Want to make a difference?

Use your gifts, experiences, and skills to serve as an IJM intern or fellow around the world.

Where do you fit?

Find the intersection of your experience, strengths and passion.

Global Internships and Fellowships
  • 12 months for university graduates and seasoned professionals
  • Two opportunities to deploy: January or June
  • Applications open 11 months prior to the deployment date

On hold due to COVID-19
Summer Legal Internships
  • Summer Legal Internships
  • Deployment dates: June – August
  • Applications open in December for the upcoming northern summer
On hold due to COVID-19
D.C. Based Internships
  • Semester-based (2-3 months) for university students and beyond
  • Three intakes per year
  • Applications open several months before the upcoming class
On hold due to COVID-19

What We Value


We’re inspired by God’s call to love all people and seek justice.


We pursue excellence, because the people we serve deserve our best.


We’re passionate about learning from our partners, and we rally others to the fight.

As an IJM Intern or Fellow

You will grow spiritually. You will gain professional skills. You’ll contribute. You’ll make a difference.

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