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Justice for Young Survivor in the Fastest Cybersex Trafficking Conviction to Date

conviction, cybersex trafficking, Manila, the Philippines

Written by IJM
Posted on 04 August 2018 under Recent posts, Sex trafficking.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A record-breaking conviction: After only four and a half months in trial, a Philippine court found a man guilty of trafficking and posting real-life footage of sexual abuse of children online.

Referrals from Australian and French law enforcement tipped off Philippine National Police that Jordan* had been sharing and selling videos showing live sexual abuse of Filipino children. Further investigation revealed that Jordan was also offering his young niece online for in-person sexual abuse. In September 2017, police set up a meeting with Jordan at a mall in Manila, hoping to catch him in the act of offering his 10-year-old niece for sex. As soon as he made the offer, law enforcement moved in to arrest Jordan and rescue the young girl.

This week, after a trial that lasted only four and a half months, a Philippine court found Jordan guilty of trafficking children and sentenced him to life in prison. This is the fastest conviction IJM has seen in any cybersex trafficking case in the Philippines to date, and it reflects the increasing capacity of the Philippines justice system to hold criminals accountable for online crimes against children.

IJM’s Kathleen Piccio, who supported the prosecution against Jordan, shared:

“This case was successful thanks to strong investigation and evidence collection by our law enforcement partners, and to the 10-year-old victim who testified truthfully and courageously.”

According to her IJM social worker, the young survivor is doing well in school, taking arts and crafts classes and is looking forward to being reunited with her parents. IJM will continue to follow-up with her to ensure that she is safe and healing. When she heard the news about the judge’s ruling, she was happy to know that the judge had listened and ruled in her favour.

*A pseudonym

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