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Turn the Tide on OSEC

Sign an open letter to the Prime Minister, calling on the Australian Government to increase the accountability of the tech industry for child sex abuse facilitated by their platforms.

Slavery and trafficking still exist today.

There are more people trapped in slavery than ever before in human history. Over 40 million children, women and men are beaten, raped and starved in an industry worth US$150 billion globally.

Switch on justice

IJM is the largest anti-slavery organisation in the world.

We rescue

We’ve rescued more than 50,000 children, women and men from slavery and other forms of oppression.

We restore

Our aftercare programs walk with survivors as they heal and have helped restore thousands to wellness.

We restrain

We help local authorities arrest and prosecute suspected slave owners and other criminals.

We repair

We strengthen criminal justice systems to protect more than 150 million vulnerable people.

Help end slavery in our lifetime.

Our 2030 vision is to rescue millions, protect half a billion and make justice for the poor unstoppable.

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