Join a growing group of Australian corporations, leading the fight to end slavery in our lifetime.

IJM corporate partners have access to on on the ground information from high-risk regions and insights from survivor leaders.


Leading corporations are committed to achieving ethical and sustainable development targets, and the goals are aggressive–especially when it comes to combating forced labour and protecting workers from exploitation.

But businesses cannot solve this crisis alone. And they don’t have to.

Migrant Workers

The largest population represented in Asia PAcific’s 4.2M people living in modern slavery (Walk Free, 2018)

40 Million

The number of people worldwide living in modern slavery today (ILO, Walk Free & IOM 2016)

$150 Billion

Estimated annual revenue in USD generated from human trafficking globally (ILO, 2014)


IJM's Validated Model

IJM and its partners work alongside local authorities to strengthen justice systems, by enforcing the law to recue and restore victims of violence and bring criminals to justice. We’ve proven, through over 20 years’ of experience, that effective law enforcement reduces the prevalence of slavery and violence in the communities where we work. Strengthening justice systems to enforce the law deters criminals and protects people from violence.

Enforce Laws

Help governments enforce laws by holding forced labour perpetrators accountable for their crimes through prosecution.

Improve National Systems

Build an aligned response between the labour, justice and social service sectors to combat forced labour.

Support Survivors

Support and empower survivors of forced labour by providing trauma-informed care and tools to prevent re-exploitation.

Protect Workers

Protect workers and prevent exploitation by changing the ecosystem in which businesses operate.

The Opportunity

Opportunity for Impact

We are at an unprecedented inflection point in history. Governments, corporations, and the international development community are waking up to the fact that putting an end to violence is essential for communities to flourish and crucial to growing sustainable business. Measurably protecting 500 million people from violence in the countries and regions targeted by IJM, along with the will and momentum we are already witnessing, creates a tipping point where global demand for justice becomes unstoppable.

"We're ready to help you to become a leader in reducing the risk of modern day slavery and exceeding your sustainability goals, which will create a competitive advantage."

– Steve Baird, Chief Executive Officer

Our Partners


FLS | Malaysia

Combating Labor Trafficking in the Thai Fishing Industry.


OSEC | Philippines

Accelerating the Asia Pacific regional response to the online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC).


FLS | South Asia

Helping to protect millions of people in extreme poverty from bonded labour.

Target Corporation

FLS | South Asia

Eliminating Forced Labour in South Asia

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

OSEC | Philippines

Dramatic Reduction of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Philippines.


Sex Trafficking | South Asia

Ending the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Bangladesh.

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