25 Years’ Jail for Bolivian Man who Sexually Abused 14-Year-Old

A Bolivian man will face 25 years in prison for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl.

She was living in the safety of her parents home when the abuse began. Taking advantage of the families trust, the survivor’s brother-in-law used his key to sneak in while everyone slept. The abuse continued for several months until the family noticed their daughter was showing signs of pregnancy. It was then when the abuse came to light, and her parents reported it to the authorities.

In Bolivia, statistics show that only 4% of cases of physical or sexual abuse reported to the Public Justice System receive a sentence. This helps illustrate the battle victims face while trying to receive justice. Reporting the crime is only the beginning of the process, and unless victims are supported by a legal team, the chances of obtaining justice in Bolivia are limited.

The Special Force for the Fight Against Violence (a Police division dedicated to combat violence) referred them to IJM Bolivia. PROBOS is an interdisciplinary group of professionals, trained by IJM to attend cases of violence and abuse. Lawyers, social workers, and psychologists collaborate to support victims of violence. With their support, the young survivor and her family felt stronger to face every stage of the criminal process, and in May 2024, they received good news. The PROBOS legal team achieved a significant victory with a 25-year sentence against the offender.

Collaborative efforts helped serve justice. The survivor and her family are no longer intimidated. Other children are also safe from the offender. Alongside legal support, the family has also received psychosocial support. The survivor is now caring for her baby and committed to finishing high school well.

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