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South Asia

Government’s Surprise Inspection Leads to the Rescue of 12 Boys from Jewellery Factory

19 July 2023

TAMIL NADU, INDIA – A government-led surprise inspection in Chennai city on 19 July, resulted in the rescue of 12 young boys who were victims of human trafficking and child bonded labour. The victims had been forced to work at a jewellery factory located in a narrow, congested street in Chennai.  

Local authorities found the victims locked inside a small room working alongside adults. The boys had been forced to make jewellery using their bare hands for over 12 hours each day without any safety equipment. Appalled, one of the officials who led the rescue expressed, “They are found inside a locked room in an inhuman condition. They cook, eat, bathe and sleep in the same place.”  

The victims had been trafficked from West Bengal to Tamil Nadu, which is a distance of about 1,609 kilometres. They had been lured by the employer with advance payments ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 rupees ($188 to $282 AUD).  

As the officials who led this rescue operation were trained by IJM, they consulted with IJM over the phone regarding post rescue processes to ensure that the state’s Standard Operating Procedures were followed.  

The government freed the 12 boys by issuing Release Certificates to cancel their debts and then relocated them to a safe government shelter home for short-term aftercare.

The owner of the jewellery facility absconded on the day of rescue, but the government has already filed a complaint against him for violating Indian laws related to human trafficking, child labour, and bonded labour.  

Currently, the officials are working on logistics to ensure the boys can return home safely. In the interim, the IJM team in West Bengal have alerted the local authorities about the case and are ready to support as needed.  

This successful rescue is the outcome of the government’s decision to increase the effectiveness of Vigilance Committee (a committee that monitors bonded labour) in Chennai by merging it with the expertise of the Child Labour Task Force. Comprising of government officials and NGO representatives, the two teams have regularly conducted monthly inspections at worksites across Chennai, leading to five successful bonded labour rescue operations this year.  

Commending the work of the government, one of IJM’s staff members stated,

“It is great to see that child labour is also seen through the lens of bonded labour. The Chennai district administration has taken a firm decision to make its Vigilance Committee (VC) vibrant and functional.”   

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