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Trafficker arrested for recruiting two Cambodian girls to work as maids in Malaysia

2 February 2022 – The Anti Human Trafficking Police in Cambodia arrested a convicted trafficker who abused two Cambodian girls in Malaysia.

Ny* was 12 and Lalin* was 16 when they were trafficked to work in Malaysia in 2017. They were promised good-paying jobs, but instead found themselves forced to work long hours with little sleep or food. Worst of all, the main broker sexually assaulted Ny.

IJM partnered with the Malaysian authorities and a local NGO partner to rescue the victims in 2019. Jacob Sims, Field Office Director for IJM Cambodia said:

Our staff worked relentlessly to provide legal representation for both survivors and ensured they had received aftercare support to cope with the trauma.

The first arrest operation in 2019 failed because the information was leaked to the offender. The main broker escaped, and there was no sight of him until 2021.   

In January 2022, IJM received a tip-off and immediately requested the police to make the arrest. In February, the Anti Human Trafficking Police from Kampong Thom Province swiftly followed the lead and successfully apprehended the trafficker in another province.  An IJM Cambodia staff member shares:

It was a tense affair as he tried to escape when he spotted the police, but we thank God for their quick action to arrest him before he jumped off the stairs.

After two years on the run, the convicted trafficker was arrested by the Anti Human Trafficking Police in Cambodia

The accused, who was the primary recruiter and offender, was already sentenced in March 2020 to serve 17 years in prison. Three accomplices were also found guilty: one was convicted for six years; however, the other two appealed the decision and received reduced sentences.

IJM applauds the proactive and coordinated response of the Cambodian police and their commitment in dealing with trafficking and forced labour issues across the borders.   

Now that the main perpetrator has been brought to justice, the girls are safe and can begin rebuilding their lives with hope.

*A pseudonym  

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