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cybersex trafficking

Joy’s Story: From found to free


This Image Keeps Us Fighting Against Slavery

Kasi knew this was his one shot. As the sun streaked his bare back, the 70-year-old knelt desperately on the dusty ground and pleaded with officials for his family’s freedom. 

Forced Labour Slavery

Roopa’s Story

Roopa and her family were caught in a relentless storm of violence and backbreaking labour. They were slaves.


Cassie’s Story

CASSIE* was 12 years old when she followed a family friend’s promise of a good education in Manila. 

Cybersex Trafficking

Kim thought nothing was wrong. But that was about to change.

What Kim thought was a way out of poverty was really a path straight into exploration.

Cybersex Trafficking

This is Maarko’s* story. It’s the story of a real Superhero.

After being trapped in cybersex trafficking, Maarko*, his sister and cousins were rescued from the sexual abuse that haunts their dreams.

Forced labour slavery

“Please go back for my friends.” Esther’s story.

Esther* grew up in rural Ghana, hours from the waters of Lake Volta. But when a woman approached her parents, claiming there was a family near the lake who would send their daughter to school, they allowed the woman to take her. The promise of an education was a lie. Little Esther became a slave when she was just six years old.


Conceived in slavery, born in freedom.

After years of brutal enslavement, Thaiyamma was rescued and her son was born in freedom.

Fighting to End Slavery — For Good.

Right now, more than 40 million people are enslaved worldwide. Learn what IJM is doing and how you can join the fight.