Freedom is in Your Hands

Slavery exists and millions are still trapped in this terrifying reality. But together, we can join hands to end it.

Give freedom with your tax-deductible gift.

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Over 40 million people are held in slavery right now.

Men, women and children continue to live in slavery with their cracked hands telling the stories of abuse, exploitation, broken hopes and dreams.

But your hands have the power to set them free.

The Impact of Your Giving

Your generosity makes a difference by sending rescue and protection to those held in modern slavery.


Ensures law enforcement officials can receive training to identify human trafficking


Provides funding to support five operations alongside local police to rescue minor victims


Supports an Aftercare Manager's salary for a year, ensuring survivors receive personalised and holistic care

“Life has not been fair, but at at least I am alive and safe with my family.

Had the help from IJM not reached me on time, I would not have survived.”


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