Volunteer with IJM

Will you contribute your time and talents to join us in ending slavery?

Volunteer in Sydney

one or more days a week, supporting IJM Australia staff

Volunteer in your community

as a Justice Advocate, mobilising your networks to end slavery

Volunteer overseas

as an Intern or Fellow at one of IJM's offices

Volunteer with IJM

Volunteer with IJM's Sydney Team

We welcome volunteers in our Marketing, Partnerships, Advocacy and Operations teams, depending on your skills and interests and team needs. Volunteers work at least a half day a week from our Sydney office or remotely. Apply via the application further down the page

Volunteer in your community

We encourage Australians in any state or territory to become Justice Advocates, mobilising your friendship circles, workplaces, churches, clubs schools and unis to end slavery. IJM Australia offers free online Justice Advocate training to equip you in your understanding of justice and slavery issues, IJM's work and how you can bring their skills and passion to the fight.

Volunteer overseas with IJM

Australian graduates and professionals can apply for a 10-12 month internship or fellowship at one of IJM's overseas offices. You'll get to work alongside our skilled and dedicated staff, and bring your own expertise to IJM's mission. Positions are competitive and recruitment is run by IJM's Global office.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Yes No

Please provide one character reference and one work or academic reference.

Please send your CV (including community/church involvement) to [email protected] .