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Meet Our Team

IJM’s leadership is comprised of men and women from multiple nations and diverse backgrounds, joining together to end the slave trade for good.

Meet the IJM team

<a href=>Steve Baird</a>
Steve Baird

Chief Executive Officer

<a href=>Amy Smith</a>
Amy Smith

Chief Advocacy Officer

<a href=>Bianca Bryson</a>
Bianca Bryson

Chief Marketing & Partnerships Officer (Maternity Leave)

<a href=>Jarrad Murray</a>
Jarrad Murray

Interim Chief Marketing & Partnerships Officer

<a href=>Dominic Brereton</a>
Dominic Brereton

Chief Operating Officer

<a href=>Jacob Sarkodee</a>
Jacob Sarkodee

Chief Impact Officer

<a href=>Marcus Foord</a>
Marcus Foord

Sr. Manager, Government & Corporate Relations

<a href=>Hsu-Ann Khoury</a>
Hsu-Ann Khoury

Sr. Manager, Media & Mobilisation

<a href= >Shantelle Pratap</a>
Shantelle Pratap

Social Media Assistant

<a href= >Hiroko Sawai</a>
Hiroko Sawai

Analyst, Advocacy Research

<a href=>Katherine Fraser</a>
Katherine Fraser

Sr. Manager, Corporate Partnerships

<a href=>Grace Wong</a>
Grace Wong

Sr Lead, Program & Grants

<a href=>Leah Bertsch</a>
Leah Bertsch

Sr. Coordinator, Events & Logisitics

<a href=>Dharshi Farrelly</a>
Dharshi Farrelly

Director of Philanthropy

<a href=>Madeleine Frith</a>
Madeleine Frith

Sr Coordinator, Philanthropy

<a href=>Dave Groenenboom</a>
Dave Groenenboom

Director of Church Partnerships

<a href=>Mitch Hammond</a>
Mitch Hammond

Sr Manager, Church Activation

<a href=>Catherine Waterworth</a>
Catherine Waterworth

Director of Marketing & Communications

<a href=>Nikka Biasotto</a>
Nikka Biasotto

Lead, Marketing & Communications

<a href=>Aina Pacificador</a>
Aina Pacificador

Coordinator, Marketing & Partnerships

<a href=>Kaitlyn Betts</a>
Kaitlyn Betts

Manager, Business Intelligence

<a href=>Shalom Arcega</a>
Shalom Arcega

Coordinator, Supporter Engagement

<a href=>Esmarie Engelbrecht</a>
Esmarie Engelbrecht

Sr Coordinator, Office Logistics, Project Support and Executive Assistant

<a href=>James Follent</a>
James Follent

Manager, Information Technology

<a href=>Leesha Doecke</a>
Leesha Doecke

Lead, People & Culture

<a href=>Trevor Morgan</a>
Trevor Morgan

Director, Finance, Risk & Compliance

Amy Cork
Amy Cork

Sr Coordinator, Finance

<a href=>Sarah-Jane Van Eeden</a>
Sarah-Jane Van Eeden

Lead, Project & Process Management

Board of Directors

<a href=>Lindsay McMillan OAM</a>
Lindsay McMillan OAM

Board Chair - DHSc. M.Ed. BHA. FAICD. AFCHSM.

<a href=>Emma ten Kate</a>
Emma ten Kate

Board Secretary

<a href=>Adam Achterstraat</a>
Adam Achterstraat

Board Member

<a href=>Joanna Mansfield</a>
Joanna Mansfield

Board Member - BA (Public Communication), LLB(Hons) , Grad Dip (Legal Practice), MIL

<a href=>Jacky Hodges</a>
Jacky Hodges

Board Member

<a href=>Garth Tinsley</a>
Garth Tinsley

Board Member

<a href=>Christa Hayden Sharpe</a>
Christa Hayden Sharpe

IJM Global - Regional President, Asia Pacific

<a href=>Mario Falchoni</a>
Mario Falchoni

Board Member

<a href=>Grant Dawson</a>
Grant Dawson

Board Member

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