5 Reasons to Say Thank You for 2022: A Year in Review

Your support brought rescue and protection to vulnerable people in 2022.
Here are some of the moments that shaped the year.

5. Protecting refugees from the war in Ukraine

As war raged, you helped provide critical support for refugees at risk of being trafficked on the Ukraine border and beyond. For two years, our team in Romania has worked alongside government and local partners to address cross-border trafficking. This made us uniquely positioned to provide assistance to refugees crossing the border during the crisis. Your generosity helped train local agencies to identify signs of trafficking, and provide safe transport and essential supplies to people who have fled and left everything behind.

4. Brisbane man sentenced for sexually abusing Filipino children

In 2019, you helped rescue 5 children from sexual abuse in the Philippines. The perpetrator, John Joseph Power, was initially charged for possessing child exploitation material on his phone, but it was later discovered that during trips to the Philippines, he had sexually abused children after communicating with them via social media. In 2022, a Brisbane court sentenced the 57-year-old man to 8 years of imprisonment for sexually abusing children in the Philippines and other online exploitation offences.

3. NSW Anti-Slavery Commissioner appointed

In 2021, you successfully advocated for the NSW Modern Slavery Act to be proclaimed, and to include a strong independent Anti-slavery commissioner. On 30 June 2022, Dr James Cockayne was appointed as the New South Wales Anti-slavery Commissioner to help combat the scourge of modern slavery. NSW is the first jurisdiction in Australia to appoint an Anti-slavery commissioner. This role is a significant step forward in addressing modern slavery and providing a voice for the millions in slavery around the world.

2. Together, we as a nation said ‘Not On Our Screens’ to online child sex abuse

Children are increasingly being trafficked for the purposes of creating sex abuse material. There is estimated to be over 750,000 predators online and 85+ million pieces of child abuse material identified online. Most Australians are unaware this is a serious and common form of human trafficking. We asked for your help to raise the alarm. You raised your voice, emailed your local MP, posted on social media, and shared the ‘Finding Ruby’ podcast. Thank you. Together, we drew Australia’s attention to one of the fastest growing crimes in the world – online child sex abuse – and brought the issue onto the national agenda.

1. Over 1000 children and young people have been rescued from online sex abuse in the Philippines

Thanks to your ongoing partnership, we celebrated a huge milestone in our work to protect children in the Philippines. Over 1000 lives have been taken out of abusive environments and brought into a place of hope, freedom and restoration since we began combatting online child sex abuse alongside Philippine authorities in 2011.

Your generosity and passion in standing with us over the years have made all these possible. We couldn’t do it without you.

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