Man Convicted by Bolivian Court for Sexually Abusing 8-Year-Old

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1 March 2024

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – IJM-trained partner achieves a 12-year sentence for a Bolivian man who sexually assaulted an 8-year-old child. This follows a 9-year battle in court.

In September of 2015, Carolina* was 8-years-old when she was sexually abused at school by her music teacher. After Carolina’s father reported the crime, he hired an attorney to take the legal case against the offender. However, after several years of legal proceedings, the family’s financial situation worsened. Carolina’s parents could not continue affording the lawyer fees and lost legal representation.

After losing legal representation, Carolina’s case suffered a setback at the end of 2023; her case hearing was suspended. Carolina’s father received advice from the judge to contact International Justice Mission (IJM) for help. The judge had heard about PROBOS, a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, social workers and psychologists who provide free legal and psychosocial support to victims of sexual violence.

IJM received Carolina’s case on February 5th, 2024. Less than a month later, PROBOS achieved the 12-year sentence against the offender. After 9 long years of battling in court, Carolina* has finally received justice. March 1st 2024 was a day of celebration and relief for Carolina and her family.

Carolina’s father has expressed her gratitude to IJM and PROBOS team for their hard work so that the family could receive an answer from the Bolivian Public Justice System. Carolina, now 16 years old, is set to begin therapy sessions with a trusted psychologist from PROBOS. She still has a recovery road ahead, but this is a great first step towards her emotional healing and restoration.

*Pseudonym used to protect the survivor’s privacy rights.

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